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Get Certified! PRO Trainers provides access to certification-level courses.

The courseware used during training sessions covers the learning objectives set by Autodesk in order to learn what is needed to get certified. The trainer will share with you his experience during his certification tests and give information about practical help that you can use to improve your certification results.

Currently, you can become certified in the AutoCAD Associates and Professional certifications for the latest version of the program.

Once you have successfully completed your training, we recommend you practice with the program for at least 120 - 300 hours before you attempt to take the certification exams (2 exams are required to become certified for the first time).

You can take various Autodesk Certifications, including:

AutoCAD Certified Associate

AutoCAD Certified Professional

And many more.

If you take training provided by one of our trainers, they will provide you with all the available information about the certification process. Our trainers have taken the certification exams and successfully passed them, so they can help you understand the time-saving techniques to succeed in your test and what you need to know in order to have an easier time getting certified.

Get Certified! We provide the training and support you need to become certified.

With our help, you will achieve your goals.

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