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Official AutoCAD Training - Expert AutoCAD Courses. More than 25 years of Expertise at your service!

Learn AutoCAD Speed Drafting™ with PRO Trainers. Become faster NOW!

AutoCAD is the most used software for CAD design in the world, offering powerful design tools that enable professionals to create projects in a great variety of fields. We provide access to trainers who can teach you all available versions of this software.

autocad courses, autocad tutoring, autocad classes
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5-Star Professional Courseware:

AutoCAD Fundamentals
AutoCAD Advanced
AutoCAD 3D Modeling
AutoCAD Technical Drafting Essentials
Revit Architecture Fundamentals
3DS MAX Fundamentals
Maya Fundamentals
Autodesk Inventor Fundamentals

The Courseware we use is provided by authorized Autodesk publishers.

learn autocad, autocad training, autocad courses

30 years of certified experience guarantee our professional services.

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AutoCAD Courses Expert Productivity Suggestions from our specialists:

Learn to use the keyboard with "speed typing" in order to become much faster!

We suggest you take a course on Touch Typing (i.e. Mavis Beacon or similar). This will increase your productivity by enabling you to learn the AutoCAD keyboard commands and facilitating your application of these useful commands. Most experts with AutoCAD prefer to use the keyboard. Learning how to speed type with a keyboard will increase your performance with AutoCAD in about 300% or more.

Memorize the most-used keyboard commands to save time!

We suggest you find out which commands you are using the most; search the menus (enable them if needed!) for any existing commands that you find yourself using over and over again. Find their shortcut!. Once you learn the shortcuts, you will save in average 1/2 to 7/8 of the time you were using before using shortcuts!

autocad training courses, register for autocad classes now!
Learn in less than a week how to be an AutoCAD PRO with PRO Trainers!


G.Q. Assistant Project Manager,
Yates Restoration Group, Ltd.
AutoCAD Enterprise Manager

"I would like to thank you for your assistance and your patience during our AutoCAD sessions. I have learnt alot and am currently implementing the lessons I learnt with you at work.

You have been very helpful and I would recommend your company to others who need assistance with AutoCAD.

Thank you very much for your help and if further help is needed, we will not hesitate to contact you."


A.S. Full Time Designer, The Barnett Group

I have received the services I needed, from a very capable teacher who has worked with me to get me up to speed in the software I needed to learn. My trainer was very clear and concise, which is especially important for students like me"


T. G. Architect and Specialist 3-D Modeler, AutoCAD, 3DS MAX Professional

"I have had a very positive learning experience. I have been able to learn at my own speed, having all my questions answered as I go"


A.L. Architect and 3-D Designer,
Interior Design specialty
AutoCAD 2D and AutoCAD 3D

"I am very happy with the services I have received, I am receiving training that resolves my needs, only a few weeks of training with you allowed me to apply for the job I wanted"


M.C. Architect and Decorator,
Graduate, Parsons University, NY,

"My Trainer is very professional and he can answer very clearly for all questions that I had. I think I've learned a lot and very quickly in this class"


D.H. Graduate Architect,
England Design Company

"I trained in both CAD and Adobe Illustrator Courses. Both were flexible enough to meet my needs exactly.

A Highly professional training that got me to the point where I can continue on my own"


C.W. Corporation Specialist

To those considering enrolling in a PRO Trainers program, I received classes from the staff of PRO Trainers and I found the course to be informative, concise and it went beyond satisfying my personal needs for the education I needed to quickly and accurately acquire. I did not get a robot for a teacher; I got job-related advice and a personal touch that displayed a concern and a legitimate interest in the field of work I had chosen to pursue.

My particular specialist was determined to help me be able not only to thoroughly understand the material covered in the particular niche I endeavored to learn, but he taught it in a way that focused on retention and application. He was punctual, courteous and flexible, not to mention a great communicator.

It is always nice when someone goes out of their way to make what could be a difficult task into a legitimately pleasurable experience.

I wholeheartedly recommend the services of PRO Trainers to anyone who needs or desires any form of computer training. Thank you for your help, you gave me the skills I needed for the job I wanted to get. Best regards, C. W. New York"


L.T. Software Programmer,
National Basketball Association

"I have received very thorough training in my course and I am satisfied with the quality of the knowledge I have acquired in this course, classes are fun and are what I look forward to receive to unwind and relax during the weekend"


J.H. Design Specialist

"I needed a course with someone who could adapt to my personal goals since I am an experienced professional, and I found what I was looking for"


B.- Advertising Chief Editor, Kosherline

"I discovered that learning was much easier than

I expected, I learned much in a very short time,

and I managed to learn all the programs I needed

in just a few weeks"


And More...

You can also become one of the satisfied students who master the skills you want , learning from the experts.

Personalized, Specialized, Reliable expertise that you can afford!

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autocad training, autocad courses, live autocad course, professional autocad coursesLearn AutoCAD Professional, Revit, or 3DS MAX  in just 2 - 5 days with Autodesk Certified Expert, Official AutoCAD Certification training materials, and the best AutoCAD classes in the U.S.

Affordable and convenient AutoCAD Group Training, AutoCAD Private Training or AutoCAD Corporate Training.

REGISTER NOW for Live Training or Live Online, Trainer-Led AutoCAD Classes.
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Make a solid investment in your professional future and enroll in the training you need. With our very affordable prices, zero-risk guarantees, and a free course retake OR a Money Back Guarantee* you can't lose. Get Started now!


AutoCAD FUNDAMENTALS - 40 hours + AutoCAD Advanced (20 hours).

AutoCAD 2024 Fundamentals
: 40 hours. Official Certification Course for the Autodesk AutoCAD Dual Certified User and Professional Certification (Official Autodesk-approved certification courseware).
After completion of this training, take AutoCAD Advanced Level 3 in order to increase your work speed up to 500+%! + AutoCAD Level 4 to create professional-looking, real-life work samples that will get you hired!.
Learn with us. Call us to register and receive our lowest price.

Complete AutoCAD Training Courses. Trainer-led, Live and Online.
AutoCAD 2024 2D Basics, 20 hours (Official Autodesk-approved Certification training courseware)
AutoCAD 2024 2D Intermediate, 20 hours (Official Autodesk-approved Certification training courseware)
AutoCAD 2024 2D Advanced, 20 hours. (Official Autodesk-approved Certification training courseware)
AutoCAD Technical Drafting Essentials + Portfolio Workshop, 20 hours (learn how to create real-life, professional-looking plans in fields such as architecture, structural engineering, electrical engineering, etc.).

AutoCAD Foundations + Advanced Masterclass : 60 hours, 3 levels.
AutoCAD Complete: Foundations + Advanced + Portfolio Workshop, 4 levels.

Take the complete course package that teaches you how to create CAD drawings from the basics to the professional level. With this training you will learn how to use AutoCAD to maximize production speed working up to five times faster than the average drafter, and you will also learn how to create a professional-looking portfolio with 15 - 20+ real-life, professional-looking CAD drawings that will prove your expertise to the employer and help you get hired right away!

Call us for current discounts and special pricing when you purchase several courses.

AutoCAD Speed Drafting(TM) + Advanced AutoCAD: 20 hours.
Learn how to be 100% - 500% faster and more productive with AutoCAD!
We are the only company in the world offering proven and time-tested Speed Drafting Training(TM). Double, triple or quintuple your development speed if you want!. Do the work of several people, faster. Spend less time working and enjoy more personal freedom. Do more in less time, work faster, easier, gaining unbeatable competitive advantages in your work and business. Be the best asset of your company!

AutoCAD Fundamentals For MAC: 40 hours.

Learn AutoCAD for MAC! We are one of the few providers in the world offering AutoCAD for MAC.

RECOMMENDED LEARNING PATH for 2D drafters + 3D modeling:

AutoCAD Complete + Revit Architecture Fundamentals + 3DS MAX Fundamentals.

This training provides the most complete training with the skills you need to ensure great success in your career. Learning AutoCAD 2D Complete + Revit Fundamentals + 3DS MAX will allow you to become a top-level specialist in the field, who can create anything for any industries, from construction to product design, architecture, interior design, and more. This training can double your salary when you are able to create 3D models and AutoCAD + Revit professional documents.

Revit Architecture Fundamentals, 32 hours + Revit 3D (8 hours) = 40 hours.

Autodesk Revit Foundations course, 32 hours (Official Autodesk-approved training guides)
Autodesk Revit 3D, 8 hours (Official Autodesk-approved training guides).
Autodesk Revit Families and Templates, 16 hours (Official Autodesk-approved training guides).


This training delivers the official certification training for Autodesk Revit Architecture. You will learn how to use Revit to create 2D CAD and 3D models of architectural designs, that can be rendered in 3D to create enhanced visualizations of interior and exterior building views. The Foundations teach you the essential tools of the program, and Revit 3D will teach you how to create 3D renderings and create customizable 3D objects for construction and architecture. Revit Advanced teaches you how to use the power of Advanced Revit Family editing and creating time-saving document templates that simplify your work, saving you up to 90% of processing time when printing, and allowing you to create unique, customizable parametric designs.

Our courses deliver the only TRUE Official Certification training courses approved by Autodesk and developed by the most respected courseware developer and the sole provider of Autodesk Official Training guides in the U.S.

From the world of courses offered online by various companies and institutions, we deliver the BEST value in terms of QUALITY EDUCATION and PRICE.

The classes require an official certification book. We provide book information and pricing when you register for your training. There are no other fees.

Our very affordable prices are good for personal training at the location specified in your course.
For Corporate, private training prices and courses in other cities, contact us.

3DS MAX, Maya 3D, Revit Classes, Trainer-led or Live Online Training:

Autodesk Revit Foundations course, 32 hours (Official Autodesk-approved training guides)
Autodesk Revit 3D, 8 hours.

3DS MAX Foundations course, 32 hours (Official Autodesk-approved training guides)
3DS MAX Advanced course, 32 hours

Autodesk Maya 3D Foundations, 32 hours (Basic to Advanced-level courseware)
Autodesk Maya 3D training, Level II Advanced, 32 hours

You can register for 3DS MAX training, or Maya 3D training basic course or take our recommended, certification-level courses: 3DS MAX Foundations, or Maya 3D Foundations.

autocad training ny, autocad training courses, autocad courses ny, autocad courses, autocad private training, autocad corporate training Call us and register now for the Official AutoCAD Training Certification Courses! with our help, you can learn in as little as 2 - 6 days, the latest AutoCAD course!

Enroll now in our Expert AutoCAD Training Courses with an Official Autodesk dual-certified expert AutoCAD trainer with more than 25 years of experience, and one of the leading trainers of AutoCAD in the world, adding his Adobe Software Mastery and a multitude of advanced qualifications to the priceless expertise that you can take advantage of!

You will have access to an expert trainer who can help you learn AutoCAD, 3DS MAX, Maya 3D, and Adobe software, and this combined expertise will help you become a highly proficient designer, drafter, or 3D modeler in a short time.

With our help, you will easily learn AutoCAD and the tricks and secrets that will make you smarter, faster, more efficient, and a truly irreplaceable asset in your company, or a lightining-fast drafter and designer after you take advantage of our latest AutoCAD courses that will teach you how to use AutoCAD for maximum performance!

You will receive the following:

  • Certified Training and personal attention from an Expert Autodesk Dual-Certified, Official AutoCAD Trainer with more than 25 years experience! (if another Expert Trainer gives the training, he will have at least 10+ years experience with the program)
  • Convenient group training or live on-line training. Corporate and private training also available.
  • The AutoCAD course you want: Choose from: AutoCAD 2D Basics Level I, AutoCAD 2D Advanced Level II,
    AutoCAD 3D Modeling Level III, or Speed Drafting™ with AutoCAD, level IV. 20 hours per course, 2 - 6 days. For a more complete training, take AutoCAD Fundamentals, 40 hours or AutoCAD Complete 54 - 60 hours).
  • Free course retake or refund. Nobody offers you a refund, we do. We are so confident you will love our services that we allow you to request a refund of the course fees you paid if you are not absolutely satisfied with our services within the first hour of classes. No risk. Guaranteed peace of mind! (Conditions apply*. Call us for details).
  • Autodesk Authorized, Professional Courseware will be used during the training (books purchased separately)
  • You will learn the latest training version of the software (or any version you request, private/corporate training only)
  • Personalized Training (private or corporate training only).
  • Our "Speed Drafting™" Shortcuts and master-level secrets and work techniques, to speed up your performance (if taking Speed Drafting™).
  • Answers to your AutoCAD questions, and reasonable support during or after-the-class to ensure that you maximize the benefits of your investment.
  • And more!

Learn in as little as 2 - 5 sessions per course!

We Deliver:

The most affordable prices for Official AutoCAD certification training. Best quality, LIVE AutoCAD classes in NYC, TX, FL, NV, CA, GA, with Autodesk-Authorized courseware, and also online and live training available in other cities and locations in the U.S. and abroad, in English and Spanish. Other languages may be available upon request depending on your location.

You will learn AutoCAD, 3DS MAX, Maya 3D, and Revit, with top-of-the-line equipment, 22-34 inch or wide-format monitors or 17-inch laptops (where available), and you will receive guaranteed private, group and corporate training, taught by certified experts. You will receive professional certification training, and you can receive support from a Autodesk Dual Certified Trainer with decades of professional experience. We only use Official AutoCAD training books. Training is available at convenient locations near you, with options of weekly training or flexible weekday and evening schedules.

Register right now for your training! We offer the best prices in the market and we deliver guaranteed professional Autocad training in the U.S.. We accept most payment methods for your convenience and you can get started with your training in less than 1 - 2 weeks in most cases. We will give you the best service at the best prices and ensure you pay only the most advantageous price, price match or price improve any prices provided by an acredited, certified training center, (approval required). Call us, email, or choose from our course catalog. If you need to take several courses, contact us directly so we can give you a special price. Our low introductory price will not last forever, so register now for training!

We offer access to convenient schedules, Official Certification Training, Master-level Dual-Certified Expert AutoCAD Trainers with 25 years of experience, Autodesk-Authorized official training books, the latest version of AutoCAD, 3DS MAX, Maya or Revit, and affordable prices that will help you take the training you need to find a job or upgrade your skills.

Take advantage right now of our Special Prices for college students and independent professionals.
Private/Corporate Training: Please call us for prices.

To register FOR TRAINING, EMAIL OR call us to (646) 474-8500. Specially discounted prices ONLY available when you call.

Contact us to schedule your class. Group classes open with 2 or more students. Corporate clients can request training on-site by calling us. For private training prices, give us a call and let us know what you need.

Choose from: AutoCAD Class 2D Basics Level I - AutoCAD Class 2D Intermediate Level II - AutoCAD Class Advanced Level III - AutoCAD Class Professional Drafting Level IV - Revit Architecture Class Foundations - 3DS MAX class - Maya 3D class.

AutoCAD Certification Level Courses: We offer Live Instructor-led AutoCAD Training in New York City, NY, San Francisco, CA, Las Vegas, NV, Houston, TX, and Miami, FL. Atlanta, GA. Live Online Training also available.

learn autocad coursesWhy you should choose us to take your Autodesk training:

We are the Productivity Training Leader.
Our courses are virtually guaranteed to make you faster and more efficient. We use the complete official certification courses, and we teach Speed Drafting for Productivity and faster drafting. Nobody else offers these advantages.

We provide: Guaranteed Expert AutoCAD training. Certification-Level, official AutoCAD Courses - Best prices in the market for competitive or superior Official Expert AutoCAD training services - The Best Expert Autodesk Certified Trainers with 10 - 25+ years of experience and a extensive skills and qualifications not equaled by anyone in the training market in the U.S. or the world.

We are the only training company with "REAL" AutoCAD trainers available to you immediately and we do not make you wait for several months for AutoCAD training, unlike the other companies out there - We offer frequent and flexible schedules - We are the ONLY company in the world offering productivity-based AutoCAD training, nobody else offers you our exclusive speed and efficiency oriented AutoCAD training - We have spent more than 20 years developing many of the best possible methods to work efficiently with AutoCAD and we teach you how to do the things that work in real life. - We are the only company in the world teaching "Speed Drafting", our exclusive, proprietary AutoCAD production method, that can speed up your performance with AutoCAD in 25% - 500% or more. Nobody else offers you our proven techniques and expertise!

Most importantly, we CARE about our students! Whatever your need, we surely can help you.

We have decades of live AutoCAD professional experience supporting Fortune 500 companies and professionals, and we teach you what works BEST in the field. We are true Autodesk-certified professionals, dedicated to teaching AutoCAD for more than TWENTY years! - We assist top-tier, Enterprise-level, real AutoCAD professional clients, AutoCAD project managers from Fortune 500 companies and Autodesk-user business managers, business owners, and AutoCAD professional users, and they have told us what they need, what is required for the job, and we teach you what is required in real-life jobs. We assist students from some of the highest ranked design and engineering universities in the U.S. and they tell us what they need, what they work with, and what they need to do because that is what's really happening in the field - We're in close contact with the real students and professionals who use AutoCAD, 3DS MAX, Maya and Revit among the many programs we support.

autocad training. autocad courses, official certification coursesWhy you should Choose our Autocad courses and our maya 3d, 3ds max, revit training:

There are many reasons why you should choose us. We have listed them below.

The Best Training: We offer the best available Autodesk courses and AutoCAD training, taught by top-level experts with enterprise-level expertise, Autodesk-approved courseware, the latest version of the software, and top-of-the-line equipment.. Other companies offer outdated, incomplete custom courses, that cannot compare with the only official Autodesk-approved courses.

ROI: When you choose our services, you know that you are making an investment that returns at least 10x the money you paid, because your development speed will increase at least in 25% - 100%; and you will overcome your competition when you successfully complete our training, because we teach you everything that would take you 20 years to learn, in as little as 2 - 6 days. Nobody else delivers this advantage!

Easy Learning: PRO Trainers IT delivers fast, easy, certification-level, Expert Autodesk and AutoCAD Training that will help you become a proficient AutoCAD drafter, an expert AutoCAD designer or an efficient enterprise-level project manager who can lead a team of AutoCAD developers, or bring any AutoCAD projects to a successful completion before deadlines.

Unique Time Saving Courses: PRO Trainers IT is the only training company in the U.S. and the world offering productivity-oriented AutoCAD courses with our exclusive, powerful, time-saving Speed Drafting™ Expert methods and techniques for CAD Precision Drafting with AutoCAD. Our high-quality, expert AutoCAD training and our proven techniques will make you much faster, more efficient and productive in your work with AutoCAD! Nobody else offers you this advantage.

Develop Greater Speed: After you take and complete our proven, time-tested AutoCAD courses, you will become a much faster AutoCAD drafter, designer, or developer. Our courses and proven methods can help you increase your drafting speed and performance from 25% to 500% or more (yes, 500%+!). During our AutoCAD courses, we teach new techniques and a proven, time-tested system and work methods that can make you considerably faster with Autodesk AutoCAD.
We encourage you to upgrade your skills using our help. You will become faster, better, and a more efficient AutoCAD drafter and developer with our training!

We SPECIALIZE in Autodesk software to make you a faster, more efficient user.

Our CAD and 3D training division specializes in Autodesk products (AutoCAD 2D, AutoCAD 3D, 3DS MAX, Maya, Revit, others) to ensure that we offer you a far better, more knowledgeable and useful service than any other training company, because we only have your needs in our mind and we specialize in how to resolve them. We provide support for Autodesk products that enhance your work and make it faster and easier; and we have worked directly with Fortune 500 companies delivering expert CAD and 3D productivity solutions for many years, gaining vital experience and direct knowledge of the needs of our clients.

As a result, our courses will dramatically Increase your AutoCAD drafting speed, accuracy, efficiency and overall productivity. Our company offers the best AutoCAD courses you will find because we help you become a faster, more proficient drafter or designer, you will learn AutoCAD professionally and you can do so at a really affordable price!

We provide the only AutoCAD Certification Professional training that gives you a verified increase in your AutoCAD drafting speed, with our proprietary and unique "Speed Drafting™" design technology, an expert collection of time-tested, proven work methods, clever organization and work management techniques, essential shortcuts and useful skills developed over twenty-three years of continuous use of the program in professional and academic environments, working with hundreds of AutoCAD project managers, designers, architects, professionals and students.

We're the only company that offers you this training. While others read from a book and offer nothing new, we give you the newest, most updated expertise that works best and we teach you the "AutoCAD Secret Techniques" that will make you 25%, 100%, 500% or more, faster than the average AutoCAD user. This is available in our exclusive course "Speed Drafting with AutoCAD" a module in level 3.

learn autocad, autocad courses, autocad training coursesOur training allows you to work less and get more done in less time.

We have applied productivity methods, process re-engineering, and 20+ years of dedicated work to AutoCAD drafting and the design process working with many professionals and project managers in the field.

As a result, once you complete our training, you will spend LESS time drafting, and you will enjoy MORE time at home, for added productivity and results in your job, or for relaxing with your family or having fun with your friends.

We teach the most updated AutoCAD Courses and we support the latest versions of the software or any previous version.

PRO Trainers offers a complete line of professional certification AutoCAD courses, and we also offer customized, high-productivity AutoCAD courses only available at PRO Trainers Information Technology. We also support 3DS MAX, Maya 3D and other Autodesk products. We support AutoCAD for PC and AutoCAD for MAC.

We offer convenient AutoCAD classes with the best, Autodesk-approved courseware materials and guaranteed results. You can take our latest AutoCAD basic, AutoCAD intermediate, AutoCAD advanced, and AutoCAD Professional for the newest versions of the program.

We support many of the Authorized Autodesk Publishers shortly after they publish new updated books, providing you with a competitive advantage where most training companies are subject to six-month or even twelve-month delays in the implementation of updated courseware, while our top-level trainers allow us to offer updated training within a few days after the newest version of AutoCAD has been made available by Autodesk. This is an advantage that's unequaled by any other school or training institution.

We can work flexibly with most of the authorized Autodesk courseware or official training books from Wiley, Sybex, Prentice-Hall, Thomson Learning, etc. few days after their manuals are published, and as a result, we can offer complete updated authorized courses earlier than anybody else.

We are an Independent Training Company that provides access to exclusive, high-quality, Master-Level Expertise. We provide you with expert services, and unique productivity training tools not available anywhere else.

We are developers of unique content and advanced training courses that take advantage of authorized certification training materials for Autodesk products, including AutoCAD training guides, 3DS MAX Training manuals, Maya 3D Training courseware and Professional Revit Official courseware. We also provide specialized consulting services and we deliver top-level expertise to our clients.

No other company offers you the level of personalization and development of unique content we can deliver to you. From professionally developed custom courses, to dedicated corporate and enterprise training services we adapt our expertise to your needs, in order to serve you best.

We are here to help you in everything you need.

autocad training, autocad tutoring, autocad schoolCertified Training Experience. You will learn from a veteran Autodesk-dual-certified trainer with decades of experience in the field.

You will learn AutoCAD professionally, from a true master-level AutoCAD expert course developer and certified trainer.

Your trainer also provides official certification training for advanced Autodesk 3D modeling programs such as 3DS MAX, Maya 3D, and he is a master trainer of advanced Adobe programs covering online video, graphic design, interactive media, visualization programming, and more, among the multiple areas of professional expertise he can help you with.

This extraordinary expertise and multiple qualifications achieved through decades of work with professionals and companies gives you the advantage of being able to learn about multiple technologies used by the most advanced users in the industry, and you can also benefit from obtaining answers to your questions about the most advanced applications of programs such as AutoCAD, 3DS MAX + V-Ray, Maya and Revit among others, in fields such as 3D Printing, Architecture, Interior Design, CAD for Fashion Design, etc. Our expertise is available to you anytime you need it!

When you take advantage of our training services, you will be able to learn from one of the foremost expert trainers in the world and learn unique ways to make your work with AutoCAD, most efficient and productive. We will answer your questions and provide all the support you need. You will have access to professional courseware materials and to our unique productivity methods that will help you become a faster, highly proficient developer or designer in your field of choice. In addition to this, any trainer working with us has no less than ten years experience in the field and we test them to confirm their expertise.

Our trainers have taught thousands of students and professionals, and provided training for Fortune 500 companies for more than a decade. This ensures that they can offer you a truly beneficial and positive learning experience at the same time that you learn the programs of your choice. We carefully screen our trainers to ensure they are fully qualified to teach you. If you are a professional in search of training, you will benefit from top-of-the-line expertise that will help you become an advanced AutoCAD drafter and developer. We also provide access to a nation-wide network of trainers and training centers where you can learn AutoCAD. We will send a trainer to your location if your company is far away from a training center, or you can take a Live Online class from your office or home to eliminate your travel costs.

you will Achieve More Speed with our AutoCAD Training.

Our advanced AutoCAD courses are designed to help you achieve speed increases that can reduce your development time to a fraction of what you spend during a normal work day.

Our unique specialty drafting courses will teach you how to use AutoCAD for faster, more efficient project development. As a result, you can gain from 25% to 500%+(**) in drafting speed, and a developer can do the job of two or more drafters, saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars in yearly costs through added productivity and reduced labor costs.

you will become a more proficient AutoCAD developer when you complete our autocad training.

Our advanced training teaches you how to use AutoCAD with a revolutionary method and strategies that allow you to increase productivity through "process organization and re-engineering" applied to design techniques and High-Productivity Development based on the fastest-speed approaches and best practices, to achieve precise, accurate professional drafting and 3D modeling.

Our trainers will teach you how to take advantage of the direct-access, time-saving techniques and commands available in AutoCAD. This approach allows you to increase your development speed in 25%-500%+. As a result, you will be able to do work faster than anybody else who uses traditional drafting methods. You will be approached by colleagues and friends who want to take advantage of your newly gained expertise!

You can become an advanced AutoCAD developer after you successfully complete our courses. Make the decision to invest in your future and learn AutoCAD!

Register now for your training!

Call us or email us to purchase a course now. learn AutoCAD in as little as 2 days!


AutoCAD/AutoCAD LT Fundamentals - Intermediate level, 36-hour course - Certification Training
Complete AutoCAD:
AutoCAD Level I - Essentials: AutoCAD/AutoCAD LT Essentials, 18 hours - Certification Training
AutoCAD Level II: Advanced AutoCAD - 18 hours - Official course
AutoCAD Level III: 3D Modeling with AutoCAD - 18 hours - Official course
AutoCAD Update for users of previous versions
AutoCAD for the Enterprise - Advanced training for Project Managers and Power Users
3DS MAX Course - Fundamentals - learn 3D modeling with 3DS MAX
3DS MAX Training - Level I - Basics
3DS MAX Training - Level II - Advanced + Vray
Maya 3D Course - Fundamentals - learn 3D modeling with Maya 3D
Maya 3D Training - Level I Basics
Maya 3D Training - Level II Advanced
Revit Architecture Course - Fundamentals - Certification Training
Revit Structure Course - Fundamentals - Certification Training
AutoCAD Architecture
AutoCAD Civil 3D
Autodesk Inventor

See Courses for more information, or call us.

Register now for training!

Register now for any courses you want! Call (646) 474 8500 - 9 - 5 pm, 7 days a week.
Call us or request a call back at: Please include your phone, full name, courses you want to take, and best time to call so we can contact you.

Contact us now and register for the courses you want!

Email or call us to 646 474 8500 right now.

make a solid investment in your professional future and enroll in the training you need. with our very affordable prices, solid guarantees, including a free course retake OR a money back guarantee* you can't lose. Get started now!

(*) Conditions apply. Student must make a reasonable effort to participate in the course. Money back guarantee applies to course fees only, credit card processing fees will not be refunded by the payment processor. Books are charged separately and are not included in the guarantee. Must not have ordered or received books in order to qualify for a refund. Refund guarantee does not apply to on-site corporate, private or situations where travel and other training-related expenses are required. Contact us for full details.

(**) Results vary.






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